Eliminate Fear

All reality has its origin based in thought. Fear then, is first and foremost an idea which someone believes in.

Consider the many ideas that you do not believe in at all, and as a consequence are not fearful about. Young children do not spend any time worrying about dying and thus because they are not fearful about it, they have at times a tendency to be reckless.

For the most part those ideas which you fill your mind with, and believe in, are the cause of your fear. When you never entertain those fearful thoughts, they do not activate your emotion of fear. Also when you entertain those same ideas but do not believe in them, then they do not activate your emotion of fear.

For fear to be real, you must think a specific thought, and believe in that thought.

Therefore, to undue the grip that fear may have on you, there is only the necessity of not revisiting certain thoughts or, changing your beliefs about those thoughts.

If you think that either of those is impossible, consider the fact that most of the people in the world are not afraid of the same things that you are afraid of, or do not believe some of the same things that are causing you to live in fear.

Therefore the conclusion is that your fears are for the most part unique to you, and are not based in ultimate reality, but in your own created reality. You are the source and author of your own fears.

Undoing fear means moving away from the common beliefs of social consciousness, because they are the dominant ideas and beliefs which are the source of your fears.

The admonishment to be “in the world and not of it,” is saying that the ideas of social consciousness will surround you throughout your life, but that you do not have to buy into them in totality, but instead, can be selective in what you choose to believe.

If as a person, there were certain fears that I wanted to eliminate, then I would start with the fear of death, which is the ultimate fear for most people. Once that fear had been properly put to rest, what other fears could possibly have any hold over you?

All aspects of each person’s life is an experiential example of the use they are making of their mind, and is a reflection of the dominant content of each mind. Mind control is the ability to continually direct your mind toward those things that are just, good and true.

Do you see any mention in that sentence about fear?