You Are Beings Of Light

Do you know your true state? Are you aware that your physical form is a thought projection?

It is fine to say that each of you are a product of some genetic recipe, a specific DNA soup mix. But it stops there doesn’t it? Science has barely been able to figure out genetics, and are not ready yet to ask the question what creates the genes?

What is first cause? That is the question that science is working towards. Quantum physics is coming to the conclusion that all things are one thing, and that one thing is activated by thought.

How many stories of angels have you heard where they are described as being white, or as some form of colored light? To those of you who have been paying attention to life, or have had some actual experiences, light becomes a dominant reality.

What is the human aura? Is it darkness or is it an energetic light projection of varying color and intensity, according to the physical embodiment which is projecting it? Is your aura just a projection of light, or is it instead, the energy which keeps all the molecular structure that is you together?

At your core, are each of you not basically a mass of atomic and subatomic particles all flying in a specific formation? What keeps you all together? What keeps the being which you call you, looking like you?

Ask yourselves if light (your aura) is not the energy that keeps your condensed reality together? Ask yourselves if thought is not the intent that maintains your physical genetic pattern. After all, if thought can alter your health and create disease, can it not also be the pattern for health, which is your natural state of being? Maybe thought plays an even larger role in your life than you give it credit for.

Can light be more than just visual illumination? When you pass light through a prism does it not break up into all its component aspects? Is light not a frequency, a vibration? Is light a carrier of information or information itself? What is the sun, and why is there a sun wherever life is found to exist?

You are beings of light, however you are first and foremost, beings of thought. In the beginning was thought (GOD) and then the creator created the heavens and the earth.

The earth was “without form and void” ; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of GOD was hovering over the face of the waters.

Then GOD said “let there be light,” and there was light.

And so from this excerpt from scripture we see the progression of thought first, and then light. This leads us to the realization that if light does carry information, it can get it from no other source other than thought.

Consciousness then, is the primal cause of creation and from a singular consciousness was every other consciousness born. You are a thought projection of a consciousness which is known as your higher self and your light energy (aura), holds that genetic design in place and together.

As your realization of your true nature matures, your personal vibration rises to become dominantly higher and becomes reflected in the color of your aura. Human auras fluctuate in color according to emotional states of being, however each person has a dominant personal vibration and as a result, a dominant color in their aura.

Thought then, is information, and light holds and transmits information. As beings of light, the information which you hold is far more than the sum total of your recall. It is equal to the information held by your higher self, which is part of, but not equal to the total reality that is the creator.

The subject of light holds a wealth of high vibrational information to those of you who consider yourself to be light workers, and we hope that our questions will trigger your curiosity to explore this subject further.

Love, peace and joy, unto you and yours.