What is the truth regarding karma? Can we use our current tools to determine the nature and truth of this idea? In all probability yes we can, so lets give it a go.

Humanity likes to take their reality and compartmentalize it into neat tidy ideas known as laws. God however, just creates, and in so doing, those creations become the natural order of the universe. Therefore, karma is either a God created reality which occurs naturally, or it is a human generated idea whose purpose was to explain a specific aspect of God’s naturally occurring creation.

The universe as we know it is a balanced phenomenon, where every cause has an effect, and every effect is energetically equal to its cause.

The idea behind karma is that everything must be balanced out for the universe to maintain a state of perfect equilibrium. The crudest example of this is the idea of an eye for an eye, and a more sophisticated idea is that while balance must be maintained energetically, the universe is quite capable of doing this in and of itself.

Karma is generally referred to in negative terms, and is most often portrayed as something to be avoided, however negativity is a human viewpoint of a naturally occurring phenomenon. As we have stated before, nothing in all of creation comes with any label attached to it which defines to everyone the complete nature and meaning of anything.

Every individual gives life all the meaning that it holds for them.

When a judge rules in divorce court in favor of your ex-spouse, it may appear to be good for her and bad for you. That however is totally impossible for the reason that all things are vibrational, and so the same thing (the judgment) can’t be both vibrationally high and low at the same time.

This is the visual equivalent of believing that something can be totally black and totally white at the same time.

Karma then can not be based on a “viewpoint” unless it is the viewpoint of God. For karma to exist it must be naturally occurring. Now, ask yourself what naturally occurring aspect of the universe waits days, years, or lifetimes to work itself out?

There is no such ultimate reality as time and so all things which naturally occur, do so in the now, never at some later date. Seasons don’t come later, trees don’t grow later, planets don’t spin later. Everything occurs in the now, and so must karma if it exists.

Now the real reason that you are not accumulating karma to be worked out in the next life is that there is no next life, at least not in the way that most people view it.

There is no such thing as time in vibrationally higher realities, and as such, there are no past or future lives. All lives are occurring concurrently in the now, and are being orchestrated and watched over by your higher self.

There is a life review where each person decides what they did and did not learn, and what if anything, they want to experience next. Physical life is about the raising of consciousness through physical experience, and all experience is consciousness expanding.

In fact if you don’t experience every aspect of physical life, then you will have an experiential gap in your awareness, which will leave you incomplete. And the more gaps you have, the less complete you are.

Karma can not be real in the way that most people envision it for the reason that you are in charge of your own conscious evolution, which is why you have free will. So if anything unpleasant is going to happen to you in another life, then you will be the one doing it to yourself because you are in charge of your own development.

Lastly it would benefit you to make a distinction between experiencing a low vibrational reality, and being a vibrationally low consciousness. Each persons higher self is a vibrational consciousness of the highest order, who has chosen to lower itself in vibration in order to achieve a physical embodiment.

Each of you are already the angel that you are hoping to one day become. You all have your Masters Degree and are now working on your PhD, so put to rest any idea that you are inferior to any one or anything. God is in each and every one of you, and karma is an idea from earths ancient past which should stay there.