Everyone gets angry from time to time. Different people however, handle their anger in different ways. Some people handle it effectively, and some people handle it with devastating results.

The good news is that all anger is a learned response, and that what has been learned can be unlearned. I am going to make statements here that represent “my” reality, and I’m not going to attempt justify them. I don’t have to, because I’m not the one who’s angry.

I’ll be up front with you, there’s not much hope that your life will change if you are the kind of person who can’t, or won’t, consciously think. The reason lies with intent and motivation. As the old saying says “you can’t push a rope.”

Desire for change is the beginning point of your upward climb to continual joy in life. Thought or consciousness, is the ladder that gets you there. Each persons life experience has formed their system of beliefs which shape their life. Your beliefs define what you determine to be just, fair and good. If you are continually angry, then you must feel that you are continually being violated in some way.


If you are continually angry, then you must feel you have been violated in the past, and are continually reliving that experience in your mind. Either way you slice it, a person who is continually angry has beliefs about life which are working against them, just as a person who is continually joyful, has beliefs which are working for them. The real question is not whose beliefs are right or wrong, the real question is do you want to feel predominantly joyful most of the time?

If the answer is no, then were done! If the answer is yes, then maybe you should model your beliefs after the beliefs of those people who are always happy.

Was that a no brainer or what?

Now I’m going to throw some ideas out there for you to think about. Actually their facts, but I’m going to call them ideas just to lower your resistance level to them, and give you the illusion that you have some choice in the matter. Before I get started, if you are thinking that my current style of writing makes me sound cocky, arrogant and is putting you off, then that is good. It only serves to illustrate to “you,” how close to the surface your anger always is, and how fast you are to boil over at the least little thing!

Now I’m going to make some statements which I know to be true and which you don’t, or you wouldn’t be so angry. Each one will be life changing, to the extent that you can receive and believe them. So, buckle up and let’s get started.

1- God exists. (not however in the way most people believe)
2- God is in control. ( this is for all you control freaks out there)
3- You are a divine aspect of God.
4- Humanity has one common source of origin and are equal.
5- Life has structure and purpose.
6- The purpose of life is creation, experience, and the expansion of consciousness through those activities.
7- Everything contains consciousness.
8- Humanities consciousness is self-aware.
9- All physical reality is sourced in thought.
10- All thought creates at some level.
11- The ego is the worldly representation of your higher self.
12- Angry people are slaves to their ego mind.
13- Slaves always feel victimized.
14- Everyone has free will. (to the extent that you are “not” a slave to your ego)
15- Life has no particular way it is supposed to be except the way it shows up.
16- Each person gives life all the meaning that life has for them.

Those last two statements hold the secret to dissipating your anger. Life has no particular way that it is supposed to be ,except the way that it was created by God. Life just is. It is only your beliefs that life should be one way and not another, that causes you disappointment and anger. If you dropped all your expectations about life, and just let it be what it is, then how could you ever become disappointed or angry about anything?

Secondly, everything which occurs in life has no preconceived meaning attached to it. Life does not come with labels attached to it that says this means happiness, joy, love, anger, hate, disappointment etc. Each person decides for themselves, what any life event means to them. The problem with that is that, those same people feel that the meaning they have attached to a certain aspect of life is the only meaning, and should apply to everyone.

The third most important idea is that everyone is a divine spiritual being, who is totally spiritually indestructible and never dies, therefore in reality, they can never be violated in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, where there is no true violation, there is no justification for anger.

Anger is based on distorted beliefs about life created by the beliefs of your ego, and the ego of everyone else on the planet. You’ll notice that new babies usually laugh with joy or cry and scream in anger, this is an example of how early the ego takes over the control of your emotions in life.

Anger is based on your distorted beliefs about life, which keep you continually frustrated, disappointed, and angry with life, when it doesn’t show up according to your beliefs. Another consideration is that life is designed to deliver to you, more of what you are feeling.

This is what the law of attraction expresses. So if your life sucks, and you want it to continue to suck, then go right ahead and wallow in it, because the universe will insure that you have plenty more to work with, and this will work to reinforce your negative beliefs about life. As a matter of fact you can go right ahead and pat yourself on the back for being such an accurate forecaster of negativity.

The fact is that life has no meaning except the meaning you give it. When you start giving life meaning slanted towards love, joy, truth and freedom, then the law of cause and effect will start delivering that meaning.

Life can be cruel at times. People do experience some really horrific things, however there are only two choices. Get over it and move on, or continually relive the past for the rest of your life. Only you can make that decision.

Keep smiling.