Personal Growth

It is possible, (more likely probable), that your higher self-will take your predominant interests in life, and through the vehicle of problem solving in those same areas, cause your consciousness to expand, and go beyond that which was it’s former boundaries.

This urgency to seek solutions to your problems, develops a momentum of thought and action, which may continue to build, and which your higher self may direct or steer, in small increments, toward a specific direction, which not only may solve your problems, but will open your consciousness up.

Once an individual’s consciousness is actively seeking a higher vibrational solution to a problem, the way is paved for that knowledge to come to you. Your seeking, is equivalent to you’re asking, and the asking is the permission that spirit requires, under universal law of free will, to make the information capable of solving your problems, available to you.

Through your continuing search for solutions to those challenges which appear in your daily life, your conscious awareness of an unseen environment is expanded, and your spiritual growth, or reawakening, is assured. For it is a certainty, that without challenges to overcome, there would be no impetus for growth, or expansion of consciousness, and your life would become stagnant.

Once it becomes understood, that thought is the creative force behind all physical creation, then all problems can be viewed in terms of the vibrational energy that is occurring, in relationship to the problem.

Your continuing search for a solution to a specific problem, then becomes a search for a way to increase the vibrational consciousness around that problem.

The highest vibrational emotion is love, and so the highest vibrational solution to any problem, is always the most loving solution. This means the solution that results in the greatest good, for the most number of people, not just your highest good.

When you come to the realization that vibrational energy created the problem, then it’s clear that increasing the vibrational energy surrounding a problem, is the most direct and effective method you can employ, to solve a problem.

What you should analyze, is the role the vibrational nature of the collective consciousness, is playing in your particular problem.

As an individual, you are not in a position to uplift the consciousness of the whole world. JESUS struggled with that very same task, at a time when the world’s population was very much smaller than it is today.

If you should determine that you can, and do desire to raise the vibrational nature of a problem to affect the highest solution for all, then know that the best place to start is on the mental plane.

This is a truth, because you must go there first, before you can expect higher forces to support your activities. And so by going there, we mean that you become mentally aligned in your thoughts and feelings, to that outcome which represents everyone’s highest good.

By asking spirit to send light and love, to every aspect of your problem, you are asking for the best outcome for everyone,… which is an action the universe can support. Eventually, if you do this with enough intent, things will start moving from the spiritual, into the physical plane, and doors will open up, which will lead to real world solutions to your problems.

All problems create personal growth, in that they lead to higher levels of conscious awareness, through the out working of those same problems. And so I have tried to allude to the fact that the process of personal growth, does not always take place along smoothest and busiest of highways, but often takes the road less traveled though the roughest of terrain.

The strongest of trees, are most often those which have had to stand alone against the prevailing winds, and have developed that strength, out of necessity. So, too, is your strength of character, developed in just such a way.