Emotional Detoxification

Your interest, or curiosity, to read beyond this essay title, is reflective of an inner wisdom, that is subtly leading you in the direction of your highest good.

My definition of “emotional detoxification,” is the elimination or neutralization of those thoughts and emotions which do not immediately or directly, serve humanity’s, or your highest good.

Of course, all actions are based in thought, and ultimately result in a person receiving in life, the real world manifestations of their predominant mode and line of thinking. Just as a faulty compass will lead you astray, so too will a faulty set of beliefs. From this point of view then, it makes sense to inspect our beliefs from time to time, and ask ourselves if they are truly serving us in a manner most beneficial to our highest good.

So having made these points, let us look at how to “emotionally detox” by revamping our belief system, so that it will work for us, thereby eliminating the need to constantly rework and repeat life situations, in order to achieve a higher outcome.

The first thing to consider is that love is the nature and creative power supporting all existence. When you align yourself to love, your thoughts, actions, and beliefs, automatically become supported by universal law.

Now, everyone’s individual understanding of love is going to be somewhat different, and so will be their resultant experience. By aligning your beliefs to a full understanding of the nature and potential inherent in love, you will be able to raise your conscious awareness to a point, where your alignment with universal law will bring you greater health, wealth, freedom, and joy.

For our purposes, we will define love as an energy, a power, a characteristic, a state of being, and an intelligence, which is aligned to all creative endeavours in this, and all universes.

We commonly call this intelligence GOD, you may call it whatever you desire. A thorough understanding of what has been stated here, can lead to no other conclusion, other than your quantity of joyful experience, and quality of life, is largely due to your beliefs, and especially your beliefs about the nature of love.

By looking into the true nature, and larger reality of love, your able to put both oars into the water, and finally head out in a specific direction, instead of going around in circles.

One important aspect of love, is that it always incorporates both truth, (universal law), and joy. Where any one of these concepts are in place, and working, so to will you find the others. They are all interconnected, and interdependent, and all are descriptive of the divine nature, and characteristics of GOD.

How does this all apply to “emotional detoxification?” The answer is simply this. Just as darkness is the absence of light, so, too, is emotional trauma predominantly caused by the lack, or absence of love.

When you’re in a dark room, you only continually linger in darkness until you decide to flip on the light switch. When you are in an emotionally dark place, you’ll reside there, until you decide to dispel those dark emotions, by aligning yourself with light and love.

Quite often, this process can begin with the willingness to forgive others. Forgiveness is an act of love, on behalf of those who feel they have been violated. This concept works within people’s current belief systems, allowing them to achieve peace, without having to revamp their total belief system.

Love realizes, that only the “body” can suffer damage, and that “the soul is indestructible,” and therefore, cannot be violated in any way. And so, where there is no true violation, there is no real need of forgiveness. This thought process will not be very popular with the average individual, however we are advancing it here for your present, or future consideration.

The mind is always seeking justification for the emotions it is feeling, that is why, when you perceive yourself to have been wronged in any way, you feel justified in feeling whatever emotions you are experiencing at the moment. How long you linger in this state, will vary from individual to individual, however there will be times when you perceive yourself as having been wronged a second time, before you have fully recovered from your first emotional upset, and this is often the start, of a long downward emotional spiral for some people.

What the act of forgiveness does, is allow you to bypass the need to justify, letting go of any low vibrational emotions. What you are really doing in this process, is not accessing those memories, which are tied up in that emotional event, thereby allowing you to choose another thought, and it’s corresponding emotional reaction. Forgiveness is quite high up on the vibrational scale. Therefore, when you choose to actively forgive, you can’t help but feel those correspondingly higher emotions, and the improvement in your overall well-being, that accompanies them.

Emotional detoxification then, starts with love, which leads to forgiveness, which in turn moves you to a higher vibrational states of emotional well-being, all without the need to justify your actions to the mind. You do it, because it is in your best interests to do so! That is the “only” justification, you need ever supply the mind with.

Forgiveness always leads to a higher state of well-being, for both you, and the individual you are extending forgiveness to, that is what makes it such a high level response, to life’s emotionally tough situations. Emotional detoxification, is all about the movement out of emotional pain, and back into your natural state of being, and forgiveness is the means.