Perfection Can Be Dysfunction

Let’s have a little fun by looking into the concept and nature of perfection. Probably a good place to start is to define what the word perfection means and then go from there. There are as many definitions as there are dictionaries, however for our purposes we will use the definition that perfection implies completeness, that which is faultless, or that in which there is no lack. Actually that is a pretty good definition of GOD, come to think about it.

Many thoughts have been entertained and words spoken regarding the idea of achieving perfection in various areas of life, so let’s look closely at the idea of perfection and consider the true implications of achieving a “perfect world.”

Firstly, without a “common reality” that was perfect, everyone would be subject to their own personal concept of perfection,… which would result in as many different versions of perfection, as there are people.

With such a large variance in the state of perfection, it would lose it’s identifying characteristics, and become a giant collage of individually preferred states of being,…some of which would be quite unappealing to other people.

In order then for there to be a state of perfection here on earth, that every one could support, it must therefore become a single state of being, common to every one. Now what would that state of perfection be like?

Well for starters, you could kiss the concept of beauty goodbye! Beauty, along with many other concepts we value, depend on the comparison of one thing to another. Concepts such as greater or lesser than, disappear in a perfect world, and are replaced by the ideas such as sameness and oneness.

When something is created perfect, that implies that it can’t be improved upon, it is at the absolute pinnacle of it’s potential and development, and so any duplication of that which is perfect, implies “exact” duplication, because anything else is automatically of a lessor and inferior nature unless it “could” be improved upon, in which case it would not qualify as being perfect, according to our definition.

In a perfect world the duality we see all around us would be replaced with unity and sameness. In this perfect world, there would suddenly be one perfect version of everything. Every species of plant, bird and animal life would all become perfect and as such,… identical.

Even people would have to fall into that category, for in the creation of anything there is only one perfect outcome, not many.

On second glance, perfection seems to lose much of it’s luster when you consider what you might have to accept in a perfect world.

For instance, there could be no diversity of thoughts amongst individuals. Diversity invites comparison, which is only possible when that which is being compared is different in some respect. Comparison implies a greater or lesser state of existence, function, or being, which can not exist in a perfect world.

God is perfect, because there is nothing outside of GOD, which can be used as a comparison. As soon as GOD created a spiritual reality, then duality was created in turn. All parts became less than the whole from which they were derived, and at the same time, became (possibly), lesser or greater parts when compared to each other.

Now any spiritual creation which is equal and perfect, cannot totally achieve the purpose for which it was created, and that purpose was diversity,… for the purpose of exploring and expanding consciousness and creation.

Diversity amongst the perfect then, can only be achieved by causing that which is perfect to forget it’s true identity, then by placing it in a reality where it can experience a life filled with diversity, it is able to create in a manner of it’s choice. Creating in this manner relieves boredom, creates wisdom based on experience, and encourages high vibrational concepts,thoughts and actions.

In conclusion, I feel it’s very safe to say that the only true state of perfection, can be achieved through a reunification with GOD, as it was in the beginning. However, since GOD has seen fit to create things as they are, then perfection must be highly over rated.

“Diversity” is the perfection, of which we are all unaware, and unappreciative of! Let us then revel in the imperfection all around us, that allows for “all possibility to exist”, and not just that which appeals to the trained or educated mind.