Every one has the right to their own opinions, thoughts and beliefs,… right?

Thoughts however, don’t just stop at the level of the mind. They eventually find outward expression through action, which we label as behavior. And so as a people, we have agreed to honor your right to think and believe low vibrational thoughts. Yet we take exception to your outward expression of those thoughts, when they inflict suffering on us.

Would it not be better to tell people who hold low vibrational beliefs that they are wrong? At least we wouldn’t be displaying hypocritical behavior with regards to this issue.

It is likely that people who are wrong, don’t know their wrong, and would probably take offense to being corrected.

What is right and wrong anyway? Well there really isn’t any, which is what makes this topic so tough. There is however an energetic, vibrational aspect to everything, including thought.

Thus an opinion is a thought, and all thoughts can be classified according to their vibrational nature, which is a fixed reality, not open to speculation or opinion. A specific vibration is classified according to its magnitude, frequency and duration, and therefore is very definable.

There is only one highest vibrational state of thought, speech and action, and it is equal to the reality of love as it is defined by the creator. Every other vibrational aspect of life is some lesser version in vibrational form, of that reality which we call love.

Therefore everything in life vibrates to some lesser version of the energy which is our source.

Now instead of saying “your wrong,” we could say, “is that a very loving way to think or act?” This is a very powerful question which will probably cause that person to connect more closely to their higher self, instead of their ego self.

Of course this is just my opinion, and if I’m wrong, “I don’t want to hear about it!”