This blog is the result of watching to many well-meaning, but ill-equipped people evangelizing their faith at the expense of those of us who are trying to raise the frequency of humanities thinking. It’s a bit of a rant,… but hey, after what I have just listened to, I’m entitled.

There are many beliefs in the world that I currently am not in alignment with. In Particular, would be the belief that any individual text could possibly reveal the complete vibrational nature and reality that is GOD.

All knowledge is vibration ally based, and is only understandable by those people who are in vibrational alignment to the information itself. Vibrational realities make up and govern the natural order of things, and constitute the way things work in this and all universes. Consistency of form and function is an attribute of GOD, who is the living definition of every concept, including consistency.

Firstly, it is not possible for any particular physical text to contain the total knowledge of GOD. Secondly it is not possible for people who are currently aligned to a low vibrational reality, to fully comprehend knowledge that exists at the vibration ally highest of frequencies. The closest that any text could come to the revelation of the nature of GOD, would be an “approximation” of that nature.

True knowledge is never fractional, it is always complete, and the reason for this is that GOD is the source and creator of all knowledge. Therefore if you are not GOD, who holds all knowledge within his being, then your knowledge can only be fractional and incomplete.

The true nature of GOD cannot be qualified or quantified, by beings of a lesser vibrational nature, and if your vibrational reality is lower than that of your creator, then we are talking about you!

Humanity however, is much vibration ally higher than they realize and give themselves credit for. Every one on earth had to lower their personal vibration in order to come into physical form, and will return to their natural rate of vibration (whatever frequency that may be), once they leave this particular incarnation. This life is a trade-off. You leave the true nature of yourself behind, in order that you may experience a physical reality, in a linear oriented environment.

The information within any text then, can be only a partial revelation of the nature of reality, who is GOD. Also, because of each individuals limited personal vibrational frequency, they are unable to understand thoughts and concepts, which they are not vibration ally aligned to. Therefore, any truth in a text which might align with the reality that is GOD, will not be understandable to all people equally.

If you can not grasp the reality of what has been stated herein, then you are certainly in no position to be direction the thinking of those people around you. Study your own text thoroughly, and you will come to the inevitable conclusion that the nature of our creator is that of love, among other things, and that GOD does not terrorize that which was created in love.

Sharing your understandings about GOD and the nature of reality is one thing, telling people that “this is the way it is, and they better suck it up and get used to it” is another.

If then, you feel constantly compelled to spread the word of GOD to those people around you because of your faith, then why not uplift people to a higher level of love and joy, by giving them information of the same nature.

There are to ways to get an animal to do your bidding, the first is through love and kindness, the second is to continually beat it into submission.

The decision as to which is the better method, I’ll leave up to you.