Joy Lies Within

It is the nature of life and people, to be both in receipt of, and the cause of, problems for both themselves and other people.

As we look around it becomes more clear to us that, there is no one who is able to escape some of the adverse conditions that affect our individual and collective lives. If then as it appears, we are not able to escape the reality of adverse conditions and people, because of their sheer volume, which exist on the Earth at this time, how are we to deal with them, so that we may achieve a state of joy and peace?

The answer lies in the one part of ourselves which we all possess and is unique to each of us,… our minds.

It is a fact that nothing which is daily occurring in our lives, comes with a label attached to it that says “this situation means this.” Nothing in life comes with any preconceived meaning attached to it.

We as individuals give everything in life all the meaning a situation may hold for us. This is why many people may experience the same situation, and come away from it holding different points of view about that experience. If the experience carried a preconceived meaning, then the experience of many people would have to be identical, and that is not the case.

So we have the situation occurring where we label certain aspects of life as being joyful, boring, shameful, loving, hateful, etc. It becomes obvious then, that the only control we have over life‘s conditions, is over how we view those conditions, and the meaning we attach to them. We will never, in our present state of consciousness, be able to affect the workings of this world, in order to make it over to our liking, and even if we could, other people would inevitably remake it over to suit themselves, so we would be no farther ahead.

The answer to finding peace and joy, in a world that appears to be working against itself, is to look for it within your mind, instead of associating it with conditions which are outside yourself. It is very difficult to individually try to control that which we have collectively created, however we do have control over our thought processes. This control starts with the decision as to where and what we will place our focus on.

When a person places their focus on a certain aspect of life, they draw more of that aspect of life into their reality. Focus has the effect of making whatever you are focusing on, more real to you. Your recognition of something in your life is the first step towards making it your reality. The more you think about, and involve yourself with, people and conditions you dislike, the more of the same you will create for yourself.

This is how creation works. It is impartial, and always works to duplicate or increase, whatever thoughts or emotions dominate your mind. Positive thinking is not a new age airy fairy concept. It is based in a universal law which says that you will duplicate or increase the dominate thoughts, attitudes and emotions which your mind holds, into its physical equivalent.

The answers to life’s problems do not lie in avoiding people and circumstances, but in choosing to see only the good, the love and the joy, that those people and circumstances potentially hold. Now in those rare times when we are involved in something which is truly a low vibrational thought, action or experience, it would be beneficial to remember that once the experience is over, we should not let it contaminate the future by continuing to revisit that experience on a regular basis.

It may be hard to view a person being abused and realize that abuse is only a label we are putting on the situation. The universe does not label that situation as being abusive. When a fox kills a rabbit for a meal, does the universe label that as abuse? When a lion or tiger kills and eats its prey in order to sustain itself, does the universe label that as abuse? Life from a universal perspective “just is.” Life has no labels attached to it, thus it is free to unfold, according to its nature.

It is important to realize that while most of life has consciousness, we are the only beings which are “self-aware.” Thus, life must unfold according to its divine design. People however, are self-aware, and can affect their nature because that is our design.

We can and do place labels on, and give meaning to life and events. That is both a gift and a vice, depending on how aware we are about the use we are making of our minds. Peace and joy then, start with the individuals decision to look for and see, only the best of what people and life have to offer.