Although Sanora has already given me his perspective on past lives, I felt a desire to explore it, not from the mechanics of how it works, but from a perspective of the “attitude,” that revolves around the whole concept of reincarnation, as it is generally viewed by the public, and so this is what follows.

Are you ready for a little fun and controversy? Just ask any of your friends the question, “is there such a thing, as reincarnation,” then sit back and watch the fun.

Is there life after death? Many people would dearly like to think so, others are on the fence as to the existence of an after life, and a larger group of people spout all the common trendy opinions shared by the collective consciousness, who deny the possibility of reincarnation, because it’s admitted existence would mess with each individual’s concept of reality, and under mind the plans of those in worldly seats of power, who are concerned with maintaining the status quo.

Let’s take a few, illuminating ideas into consideration before I go public with my view. Consider if you will, the fact that crimes rarely solve themselves. Usually many hours of investigative procedure have to take place, before enough evidence can be gathered that would lead to any kind of definitive conclusion.

Cures to diseases are not usually found on the first attempt, many people, much time, resources and effort, usually go into securing a cure to a specific disease. Now let’s look at all the great inventions we enjoy so much. Each invention was the brainchild of a person, who either alone or with a staff, worked continually toward a successful prototype of their invention, regardless of the number of prior failures they may have had, in order to bring us the technology we enjoy today.

Now what do these examples have to do with the question of reincarnation? Simply this,… it’s highly unlikely you’re going to find something you’re not looking for!

By not actively seeking out information as to the reality of reincarnation, you have clearly indicated your lack of intent in that area. Lack of intent, includes lack of focus, and consequently, the probability becomes large that most, if not all supporting evidence as to the reality of reincarnation, would go totally unrecognized by those not looking for it.

Evidence, cures and inventions, just don’t present themselves as completed works. Time, energy and work, is necessary to make them complete.

When a person denies the existence, of the concept of reincarnation, what they are saying is, “in my opinion it doesn’t exist,” which is laughable, because in a lot of cases they haven’t given it any prior thought at all, and the opinion they hold is not even their own original opinion, it’s the opinion most commonly held in the collective consciousness by their peers.

We terminate people, or send them to jail for life, based on far less evidence than exists to support the concept of reincarnation! When you connect all the dots, look at the supporting evidence, you can’t help but come to the conclusion that at the very least, reincarnation exists as a possibility, and for those of us such as myself, who have been looking at this idea for years, it’s a certainty.

When you start talking about reincarnation, the conversation usually gravitates into the area of “past lives.”

However, since time as we know it doesn’t really exist,… and since all things are happening in that one continuous moment of “now,”… there really is no such thing as time,… or past lives,… and with no past lives, where does that leave reincarnation?

Well,… I guess it’s back to the drawing board!