Are You A Clone Or An Original

Imagine if you will, a state of the world where every new-born child becomes, in their formative years, subject to the beliefs and wishes of their parents. Then as they grow older, they enter a structured learning environment, and become subject to the designs, beliefs, and dictates of the state.

Whereupon once they graduate, they possibly move up the educational ladder, and become subjected to the designs, beliefs and dictates of an institutional authority, as well as the beliefs of the collective consciousness.

Then at long last, when they move out into the world, they find themselves subject to the design, beliefs and dictates of their trade or professional organization, their state, country, and those of the collective consciousness.

Now it goes without saying that this imaginary scenario of which I am speaking, is not a world-wide model, but it has the potential to apply to everyone, either in whole or in part.

An intelligent question might be, when, and how, under a system such as I have described, where every belief system presented is the thought process of another individual, is there any room, or encouragement toward original thinking?

And so we come to the crux of the matter, when we ask the question, can or will anything change day-to-day, when we continue to mold every new mind that comes into the world, after a model that has proven itself generation after generation, to be in the main,…dysfunctional?

Maybe as a place to start we might look at ceasing to load our children up with outdated useless information, designed not to be useful in any respect, but only to fill a void, and pose as education.

If I didn’t know better, I would suspect that what we’re really doing from the cradle to the grave, is creating workers for the state, who have no desire or ability to be thinkers. After all, thinkers are high maintenance, and difficult to control.

They are always asking annoying questions like “why?” and,… “what did you do with the last trillion dollars we gave you?”

Of course we do need a certain amount of thinkers in key positions, and that’s why they have private schools. And what do those ivy league colleges and universities teach their students?

Why, they teach them critical thinking, as well as how to get along by, going along,… what else?

Now what’s my point? This couldn’t really be happening as I have portrayed it,… could it?

Well if you’re young, energetic, ambitious, optimistic, trusting, joyful, healthy,… then probably not in your world.

However if you fought to protect your country, only to find out you were fighting for a financial/political agenda,… if you’ve watched your personal freedoms disappear one by one over the last few decades,… or if you’ve ever been lied to by those you’ve placed in office who were supposed to be looking out for your welfare, then you know anything is possible.

It’s a fact that thought precedes all action. If you created a nation of non thinkers, then that would insure that they would have to come to you for everything. On the other hand, a nation of critical thinkers can be counted on, to do whatever is in their own best interests.

Now maybe that would align with the states agenda, and maybe it wouldn’t. It’s my thought, that long ago the state decided to stack the odds in it’s own favor when it decided to get involved, not just in the future of education, but into the minds of children.
Do I think the state is concerned about our children? You bet they are!

They don’t want your child becoming another Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln. They want thousands of Bar_ and Wend_ Simpsons coming out the other end of the school system.

Are there exceptions to this scenario? Sure there are, but when you have most of your bases covered, you’re not going to worry about a few who slip through the cracks!

All those in the private schools are slated for the upper ranks of industry and politics anyway, so they don’t present a problem.

Now if you’re a little depressed after reading this, the good news is that this was only a “hypothetical situation,” based on my hypothesis.

This can’t really be happening can it?

Tell me this isn’t really happening,… tell me I’m okay, your okay, were all okay!