Stop Majoring In the Minors

What is love? If love is the answer, why doesn’t everyone embrace it? Everyone “is” love, and so if you don’t know yourself, then you can hardly be expected to be familiar with the nature of love. Jesus said I am the life, the truth, and the way, and was the worlds example of a loving, compassionate human being.

Love then, is a universe reality, and the true nature of the source of our being, who is the creator. How as a population, have we moved so far away from loves guiding principles?

There are seven billion people on this earth. If sheer numbers equalled right thinking, then this should be a utopian environment. This is a clear indication that the number of people who believe in any idea, is no indicator of that ideas alignment to the highest levels of universe reality.

The fact is that universe reality equals GOD‘S creative intent. Whether it is recognized by seven billion people, or just one has no bearing on its nature, purpose, or source of origin.

The the current state of the world today means “something,” and our task is to discover what it means, in order that we might raise our consciousness and come to our own conclusions, instead of just being given the answer.

This world allows us to discover our true nature (which is love) and to act in accord with what we think we are, thereby moving our thoughts about ourselves from being just a concept, into an experiential reality. In short we learn to “talk our thoughts” and “walk our talk.” This defines and refines our true sense of self until we are able to act outwardly in a consistent manner toward all people, circumstances, and worldly conditions.

This world is really a farm team environment designed to develop divine talent for its future foray into universe adventure. Only you determine the rate at which you will reach that state of being where your understanding of the nature and reality of love will allow you to be called up to the big leagues.

If you desire then to become a big league player in the game of life, then it would benefit you to stop majoring in the minors, and start embracing those aspects of life which can serve everyone’s highest good.