What Is the Ego

Regardless of the motivation for incarnating into this world,… once your here, your here, and there’s not a lot you can do about it, once you show up. Once your here, the limiting nature of your physical senses make it difficult to maintain a connection with your divine source. Combine that with the fact that, you are constantly being exposed to stimuli of a physical nature which is causing your physical senses to work over time, and you have a condition which is ripe for altered identity to establish itself within your mind.

This altered identity has gone from being “I AM” to “we are,” to your current situation “I.” The ego looks around and recognizes only physical reality and emotions, which it can feel, but can not easily interpret. The ego’s goal initially is sensory. It seeks to feel more of what it thinks is good, and less of what it feels is bad. In order to feel good more of the time, the ego determines that it must get certain things, and avoid other things.Thus the ego sets out to “get more,” and in the process it develops a system of thought whose goal is to increase its well-being and footprint in the world, by getting more of whatever it thinks it needs to constantly feel good.

The world is a physical reality, and so the ego is primarily focused on getting that which is physical, in order to experience positive emotions which it enjoys. The ego has established within itself that “getting” means an increase in its well-being, while “giving” means a decrease in its well-being and the size of its physical footprint in the world.To the ego “having more, means being more.” Of course with a world populated by other egos, this continual getting on the egos part, has become a very competitive pastime.

This has meant that the ego has had to become very imaginative, focused, determined, and in some cases vicious, in order to get what it perceives to be it’s fair share.This has led to an increasing amount of pressure on the ego to achieve its desires in the face of what it sees is a continually dwindling supply. And so we come to the state of the world as it exists today. One in which the competitive nature of the ego has shaped an existence for us that is far less joyful than it could otherwise be.

It seems that the problem with a personality which is totally absorbed in getting, is that there doesn’t seem to be any quota or limitation placed on the getting. How do you determine when you have arrived, or have enough? As long as the ego interprets joy as being something that is physically external to itself, it will never be satisfied until it can reach an other conclusion.