Energy Balance

All action has it’s origin in thought, therefore, trying to alter behavior at the physical level, is equal to working with effects, instead of causes.

The rule which should be applied when you are mentally trying to alter the behavior of another person, is that your resultant effect on their behavior, must leave them with an increased sense of well being, equal in proportion and vibrational quality to your own.

Disproportionate causes and effects, create universal imbalances of energy, which later must become balanced through other means. The universe will only tolerate energy imbalances of a certain magnitude, before it will quickly and sometimes severely, restore the natural order of things.

People are “energy” and so your every interaction with another person is energy related. Much of the misguided behavior of people could be avoided, if people started treating each other as the divine energy they are.

All personal interactions and business dealings then, can be viewed as merely an exchange of energy between one person and another. It now becomes clear that if the energy exchange between people is not equal, then someone is placing their own highest good, ahead of the good of other people.

This is exactly what we see going on in the world today, and the violence, and physical earth changes which we see happening all around us, are simply the effects a planetary re balancing of energy, whose cause is due to the ignorance of the workings of universal law.

At the same time, all negativity exists solely to facilitate choice between one thing and another. However as I have stated before, the only purpose that choice serves, is so that people can learn to choose the vibrationally high over the vibrationally low, other wise what purpose would choice serve.

This means learning to choose the vibrationally “GOD like,” over all things of a lesser nature.