The News

When it comes to the news media‘s coverage and content of current events, there seems to be a decided slant and focus, toward the lower vibrational side of life. Are violence, political upheaval, and financial crisis, the only thing worthy of being reported? Even if the answer for a particular day was “yes”, what about the other three hundred and sixty-four days of the year? Surely there must be some happier news going on in the world, which is capable of uplifting the spirits of those people who are the news media’s audience,… if that is your objective.

 That appears to be a question, that few people ask. Does the news media have an objective? If it does, and that objective is to “raise our spirits” in the face of on going world-wide stress and calamity, they appear to be missing the mark by a mile. When your objective is to create an atmosphere, based on the principles of love, joy and truth, there is,… generally speaking,….an attempt to follow that line of thinking in your business dealings. And in the case of the news media, that would mean having, a mission statement to that effect, and attempting to follow that mission statement, by bringing to the public, those things which are capable of serving their highest good.

 There is a vast difference between having a mission statement which is geared to “inform people,” and having one which is geared to “uplift people.”

In light of what has just been stated, it appears that the news media “do have an agenda,” and that it has nothing to do with lowering stress, or raising the spirits of its audience. If I were to venture a guess, I would say that their agenda has to do with profit, and with using their influence to sway public opinion, for the purpose of gaining a political advantage, and garnering favor with those people who are in the highest levels of power. They have now become the means, by which those who rule in government, have their message conveyed to the public.

 Today, in my opinion, the news media has become nothing more than the voice for big business, and big brother!

Now, if it can be said that the news medias interest in negative events, is financially motivated, (and I believe they are), then at least we can understand what drives them. However what is behind “our” fascination with negative events, since we do not benefit monetarily from any participation in their business ventures, at the consumer level?

This topic is somewhat complicated, and some people may be overly sensitive to having a favourite pastime held up to critical analysis, however I believe it is important to make the connection clear, about the effects of constant exposure to any form of low vibrational communication, such as that which is being presented to the public, in the current form of media journalism.

I believe one hundred percent in the old saying “you are what you eat”. However I would take that concept one step further by saying, you are, what you “mentally consume!”

The idea of continually exposing yourself to low vibrational thoughts, words, concepts, and images, is totally “equivalent to eating junk food”. Your life proceeds out of your “thoughts,” and is a representation of the predominant mental and personal vibration that is you.

Aligning yourself daily with anything of a low vibrational nature, cannot return anything back to you, except that, which vibrates at that level. Love, truth, and joy constitute the highest level of thought, feeling, and expression, and are reached by a mind that is continually vibrating to that frequency. Therefore the more time you spend in lower levels of thought, action, and expression, the longer you delay your greatest good. Now I will admit that nothing is either good or bad (this is where it gets complicated), everything just “is,” and we individually, and collectively, give everything all the meaning it holds for us.

At the same time, “everything is energy, vibrating at various levels of frequency,” and so while we may choose to call something bad or good, (depending on certain factors), it nevertheless remains true, that whatever we choose to place our focus on, has a specific, and consistent frequency, which is not subject to our individual interpretations.

Therefore, while things may be classified by us as being either good or bad,… they nevertheless, “are what they are,” in terms of vibrational frequency,… and that is the basis you may, and should use, to determine what is for your highest good. In simplistic terms you are either working the high-end of the vibrational scale, where love, truth and joy reside, or you are working some lesser version.

Make no mistake about it, “low vibrational energy makes an impact on you,” whether you recognize it or not, and will stick to you the longer, and more often you expose yourself to it, and this on going familiarity with the “tasteless,” will create within you, a growing tolerance for it.

Most of us are reluctant to give up those things which bring us pleasure or joy, and so my question is, what joy is there in filling your mind with all that would qualify as the antithesis of joy? Does reading headlines about disasters, or injustices spur you on to take immediate action, if so, I applaud you, if not, then I question the attraction.

The cry so often heard about the necessity of having to “be informed,” has very little merit, in that it does not seem to be a substantial impetus, for social change day-to-day.

Even if you only seek out the true vibrational gems within the newspaper, it seems to be the equivalent to wading through the garbage in a dump site, on the off-chance that you’ll find something useful to take home. Why bother putting yourself through the aggravation, and risk getting all that dirt and grime on yourself?

Humanity is very adaptable, but you should ensure that the changes that you are adapting to, are those that will uplift you and others, otherwise you are going in a direction that is leading you away from your highest good.

Everyone gets to choose where they invest their personal energy and time, however the choice itself is there as a means whereby, “you can ultimately choose the desirable, over the undesirable,” otherwise, what function would choice have?

The recognition of what is for your highest good, is one of the cornerstones upon which life is built. The “consistent“ choosing, of that which is capable of delivering your highest good, is another cornerstone of life. The recognition that your welfare does not supersede the welfare of any other individual, is the third cornerstone of life, and finally the realization that all things are sourced in, and are delivered to us solely by the grace of our creator, is the last cornerstone of a strong foundation for a joyful life.

The best news is that you are “safe,” and if you believe that,… then you will not have to read the newspaper daily, on the pretext that by being aware and informed, you can somehow protect yourself from all the negativity the newspaper insists is coming your way. The newspaper, and all other news media are the only thing you need to protect yourself against, because they definitely have an agenda which places your highest good, on the lowest level of their priority list.

This is revealed in the fact that if they had your welfare in mind, they would choose to find news of a higher vibrational calibre to report to their audience. Secondly, when they informed you about something that might negatively impact your life, they could also at the same time, supply you with their idea about what action you could take, to neutralize the impact of whatever impending gloom and doom, they perceive to be on the horizon!

However the sheer volume of negativity they wish to keep us informed about, precludes any viable plan for it’s solution,… after all, there’s only so much room in a news paper!

Now they, in all probability, would respond to that indictment by saying that, “they don’t make the news, they just report it,” and to that I would say, they report very little about what is going on in the world that is right, just, and true! What could be your justification for such a slanted point of view on current world events, other than the manipulation of public opinion, in order to full fill some corporate, economic, or political agenda?

It is a fact that people die every day, we don’t need to know the number, or the names of everyone on the planet who passed away yesterday! It is also true that there is, and always has been violence, on a daily basis, all down through recorded history, why is the reporting of that event qualify as news that we can’t live without?

Good journalism starts with intent of the journalist, not just to inform, but to add something of value to the lives of his, or her readers.Informationdoes not necessarily equate tovalue,” unless that is the intent on the part of the writer.

All activity which does not have the goal of creating the highest good for both the individual and the group at the same time, falls short of the goal of achieving anything of real value.

Am I then saying that the newspapers and all other news media have no value? No, I am not saying that,… what I am saying is that these various forms of media could be doing significantly more good for the public, than they currently are, and that their main focus, is on serving themselves, and higher seats of power, while operating under the guise of serving the public.

This essay is nothing more than a wake up call regarding both the use, and potential abuse of energy, as it translates to both the individual, and the corporation.

In closing, I would like to emphasize one more time, the idea that low vibrational mental energy and activity, serves only to create a contextual field, where choice becomes possible between one idea, and it’s polar opposite. Making the best choice, means always making the highest vibrational choice open to you. Learning what constitutes the highest vibrational choices, is really then, why we’re here, and represents what life is all about.