What is wisdom, and where does it come from?

 Logic would dictate, that wisdom is primarily sourced in those previous thoughts and actions, which have led people both individually, and collectively, to their highest good, down through the ages.

 The wisdom I am speaking of, is not born within the human mind, but it is “cultivated” there, and from the individual mind, it makes it’s way out into the world through various means, to become part of the wisdom held in the collective consciousness.

 And so wisdom takes it’s place, along with all the other thoughts and beliefs held in the collective consciousness of humanity, waiting for those with the courage, desire and faith, who are willing to explore beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking.

 The wisdom held by the collective consciousness, has been built upon the experiences of generations, upon generations, as has ignorance.

 Today in our modern society, we sit atop the greatest volume of information ever assembled by man, at any time in his recent history. The need for a way to accurately assess the truth of something, has never been greater than at this time.

 Now truth comes in two forms. There is the truth of GOD, which is reality as it was, and is being created and supported by GOD.

 Then, there is the thought system of the world, which tries to augment or replace universal law, as a result of man’s ignorance of the existence of those laws.

 And so my answer to the question “what is wisdom, and where does it come from”, would be the following.

Thought is vibrational energy. The highest vibrational energy resides with GOD. Therefore all wisdom is sourced in GOD, and is made available as a thought vibration, to those, who are able to raise their “personal” vibration, to a point where they are in alignment with the wisdom they seek.

 Love, truth and joy constitute some of the highest vibrational realities we experience on earth, and while we may not fully understand their workings, we do know when they are active in our lives, and when they are missing.

 Therefore all information should be analysed as to the vibrational nature of both it’s source, and it’s content, in order to make an assessment as to it’s helpfulness.

 Anything which comes from your creator, will carry the vibrational signature of it’s source, and anything created by man, will carry the vibrational signature of that source.

 These two vibrational signatures of which I am speaking, are love and fear.

Love, being the vibrationally higher of the two, and fear being more of a quantitative measurement, made vibrationally, of the amount of love present in a given thought, word, action, or situation.

 Therefore, even though we refer to fear as if it were a reality, it is not, love is the only reality, because love is the nature of God, who is ultimately, is the only reality.

 In order to sum this all up, it can be said, that the key to achieving the wisdom and truth of anything then, is arrived at by determining how closely that person, thought, or action is vibrating to the emotion of love.

 It can then be said, that people whose personality exhibit the most love with consistency, are those who are aligned with all that is for the highest good of everyone. They are never conflicted in their mind, about how to respond to life. They have long ago reached that vibrational plateau, where their reactions to life are far-reaching, and consistent.

 They know what side their bread is buttered on, and they know who is in charge, and are not trying to run for that office.

 And so finally, wisdom and confusion, are both bound up in the answer to the question, “are you intimately involved in the scenario of trying to be the tail that wags the dog?”