Higher vibrational Concepts

The following ideas make up a concise list of high vibrational concepts, which are the supporting beliefs behind all that has been stated herein. It seemed to me, to be a good idea to list them all in once place, where they might be easily be reviewed. The list is far from complete, however it does represent a good place to start, for those whose interests lie in this area of thought, and subsequent action. And so in light of that, here are those concepts which I wish to convey,… I hope you find them useful.

 01- There is one creative, intelligent force, responsible for the creation and maintenance of all that you can see, and all that you can not see.

 02-This creative intelligence has come to be called many names by humanity, it is however, the same force, regardless of the name you give it.

 03-We all are an individual aspect, of the one creative GOD force energy, and our origins and nature as such, are “divine.”

 04-Each of us has a spiritual nature, which is as immortal and infinite, as the source from which we were created.

 05-Because we are infinite and immortal, we have forayed into physical reality, hundreds, if not thousands of times, for the purpose of becoming “more,” through the expansion of consciousness.

 06-Everything in life is “energy,” which is vibrating at it’s own specific frequency, which in turn, determines the nature and characteristics of that energy.

 07-All thoughts vibrate at a frequency, determined by the nature of that thought.

 08-Thoughts which are of a loving nature, vibrate at a high frequency, while thoughts of a fearful nature, vibrate at a lower frequency.

 09-All physical reality was first a thought, which became manifested through the means and laws, put in place by the creator.

 10-Everything in the universe is in motion, because it represents a particular vibrational frequency.

 11-Like vibrations attract, and unlike vibrations repel, and as such, those people with high vibratory rates gravitate to each other, and those people with low vibratory rates also gravitate to each other.

 12-Your dominant personality is caused by the thoughts that you think, and results in a specific vibrational signature, which defines to all creation, your current level of conscious development.

 13-True progress is spiritual in nature, and is a progression in terms of vibration and expanded awareness, that results in a movement up the vibrational scale, toward the vibrational frequency and nature of your creator.

 14-Your emotions are a response to thought, and are aligned vibrationally to the nature of the thought.

 15-Thoughts of a high vibratory frequency, equal the emotions of love, truth, and joy.

 16-Thoughts of a low vibrational frequency, equal the emotions of fear, deception, and depression.

 17-The “whole,” can and does contain the sum of it’s parts. Individual parts can be representative of the whole, but can not be the whole. Just as the acorn is capable of duplicating itself into an oak tree from which it came, it can not in itself become the whole forest which contains far more species of trees, than just oaks.

18-The creator is the whole, and the nature of the creator is love. Love then represents a likeness to the whole, and all it’s parts.

 19-Being emotionally whole, love contains all possible emotional states of being, including fear, which is capable of containing naught but itself.

 20-A loving being is capable of understanding all emotional aspects, derived from thought, because love incorporates the whole.

 21-Fear represents an emotional state of being which is but a “part” of the whole emotional spectrum, and is incapable of understanding those thoughts and emotions which resonate at a frequency level above it’s own.

 22-All activity is precipitated by thought, and all thought is an exploration in consciousness, and is consciousness expanding.

 23-Expanded awareness and experience at the physical level of creation, result in expanded consciousness, at the spiritual level.

 24-Individual parts can never be greater than the whole, however the sum of the individual parts can expand the nature of the whole, and that is the purpose behind the action of the creator dividing itself.

 25-The known and unknown universes are highly structured. “As above, so below.”

 26-The concepts of biggest or smallest, beginnings or endings have no reality or relevance outside of physical reality.

 27-Nothing in life has any meaning, except the meaning that you decide to give it.

 28-There are no right and wrong actions in life, there are only those actions based in love, and those actions based in fear.

 29-There is no such thing as “special” relationships. Everyone is special to the creator, and therefore, no one is any more special than anyone else.

 30-What you put out, and receive back, can ultimately be translated into that which has it’s origins in “energy,” and since like energy attracts, it is true that “what goes around comes back around.”

 31-Lastly,…there is one creative force responsible for the creation and continuation of “everything,” and,…It isn’t you!