Dealing With the Drama

Often there appears to occur in our lives, those situations or circumstances, which can be viewed either as being interesting at best, or intensely negative, in terms of their emotional characteristics. These situations of which we are speaking, can be of a personal, or impersonal nature, and we have come to use the popular term, “drama” as a way to classify all these ongoing life situations.

Some of these situations are unavoidable, because they are of a planetary nature, being driven by the collective consciousness of humanity. However a good portion of the drama we as individuals take part in, either as a participant, or an observer, can be dealt with through the process of being consciously aware of what is for our highest good.

What effect then, if any, does the drama we call life have on us, and is it something to be avoided?

In terms of planetary drama, it is usually too late for you to have much of an immediate effect on situations that have been instigated, and in development for long periods of time, by the thought forces of the collective consciousness.

In the case of those dramatic events in which you are a willing participant, you are always able to either detect or affect the situation in some manner, and to some extent.

Since all things are energy based, we can look at drama itself, whatever be it’s cause or nature, in terms of it’s energy signature and effects on our emotional body, in order to determine if it is something beneficial, or detrimental to our current, or future well-being.

In the process of determining the nature and effects which life’s drama may have on us, one should remember that the “emotional” content which any situation may hold for us, will not be identical from individual to individual.

This situation becomes quite clear, as in the case of a rape situation, where one person is physically forcing their will upon another. In a case such as this, you can be assured, that despite the fact that both parties are participating in the same event, the emotional content, and impact of that event, will be radically different for both parties.

And so, to each individual, the nature, expression, and reaction to any dramatic situation can be vastly different. This reveals the fact that there are no set responses to events, amongst either viewers, or participants to those events.

The modifying factor which allows for so many varying reactions to dramatic events, is always the belief systems, of all those who are in any way connected to said events.

Thus it becomes clear, that what appeals to a totally self-absorbed personality, will not be as appealing to a personality who derives it’s joy primarily, from that which results in the highest good for all.

As this information applies to detecting the energy signature of any situation, it can then be said that there will exist the emotional energy you feel as a result of the drama, and that energy signature, will have been generated by your thoughts, which are created as a result of your underlying beliefs about how the world does, or should work.

Those same set of dramatic circumstances, are capable of creating the emotions of hate, anger, indifference, excitement, agreement or joy within individuals, who within themselves, hold to their own various systems of belief.

We cite as an example that no matter how emotionally appealing a nice Sunday roast beef dinner with family and friends might be,… you can be assured that the consciousness of the cow, who is a participant in that event, would hold a very different point of view!

Therefore, in order for all individuals to be able to develop a system and a sense of what is for their highest good, they must first come to know which thoughts, words, and actions, work not only for their own highest good, but also for the highest good of everyone else on the planet. Thus it becomes true, that what is good for you, can never supersede that which is good for the whole, and visa versa.

Those emotions which hold the widest appeal, and benefit for humanity, are all those which exist at the vibrationally highest end of the scale. Therefore, in determining the emotional nature and content of any dramatic situation, all one need do is ask yourself, who does this serve, and how does it feel?

If your answer contains the expression of truth, or the feeling of joy, or the nature of love, then you are personally as close to something beneficial, as your current mental and spiritual development will allow.

That which we are calling drama, is really life as it is unfolding in the here and now, and life itself can not be avoided, however much of the time you are able to set the stage, and choose the participants and thought processes, that will constitute the highest percentage of modifying factors, available to you during that life experience.

In closing then it can be said that the drama in our lives, is much like all the scenery we observe going by out the window of our car. It can be appear very beautiful, or very unappealing, depending on the areas we are travelling through. It’s impact on us however will tend to be minimal, until such time as we stop the car, get out, and start actively interacting with, “in a physical sense,” all that we were formally passing by.

And so it becomes clearer that your level of participation in the drama you see unfolding all around you, becomes a major factor in what occurs in your life from that point forward. The choice to initially participate in the first place, is directed by your beliefs about what constitutes your highest good, and this in turn is revealed in your highest awareness about the true nature of love and GOD.

All that can, and should be asked of anyone, is that they strive to make, what their current personal development perceives to be, the vibrationally highest choices and decisions, in the face of life’s ongoing onslaught of continuous drama.