Business Is War

All thought and action, can be viewed and labelled, as being vibrationally high or low, and of course the highest forms of vibration, exist at the level of love, truth, and joy.

 This being the case, it can then be said that all forms of business, and their incipient activities, reflect that businesses vibrational alignment to, or deviation from, those higher principles.

 In the past, and right up to the current day, the very nature of business, has been based on a structure of the many serving that business, in order to prosper the few.

 Even that structure could be looked on favourably as the progressive growth of business consciousness, if the many that served the few were being well treated and cared for by the few.

 However that is rarely the case. At the vibrationally highest end of the business spectrum, employees are “tolerated” as a necessary component in the business structure. At the vibrationally lowest end of the business spectrum, employees are viewed by business management, with the same level of concern as the machinery they operate, and in some cases less.

 At this level of vibration, business considers people to be nothing more than an “undesirable,” component part of that business, which has led business to replace people with robotic machinery at every opportunity, after all, when was the last time a robot went out on strike?

 Over the years, businesses grew larger and became corporations, and started to operate on an international scale. Those at the head of those corporations had only one function and purpose, and that was to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the corporation.

 Today, because of the corporation having become the dominant force, if not form, of business structure, the driving motivation behind all business plans and activities has become money, not service.

 What is business, other than a structure, consisting of people, who’s goal is to serve other people in some shape or form, and through that service, cause the business to prosper. And so any thinking person, of average intelligence, can see that people constitute the means, motivation, and the market for all business dealings,… not money!

 Corporations have become the vibrationally lowest form of business structure, because their reason for existence has become survivalist based, and where a strictly survivalist mentality exists, fear, power and greed also exist in close proximity, because they all occupy the lowest end of the vibrational spectrum, of thought and action.

 A popular quote you often hear is, “business is war,” and that just about sums up, what it has become. Today those large corporations appear to be waging war on other businesses, war on their employees, and war against the market place.

 Only a mind, of low vibrational mentality, can see a future in war. War always has, and always will, sow the seeds of it’s own destruction.