Living on the Surface

In our world today, most of us live and work, just below the surface of our technology. What I mean by that statement, is that we know just enough about our technology, to be able to turn it on and off, program it, or make small superficial changes to it.

When something goes wrong however, that is beyond our ability to fix, we usually have to call in the “geek cavalry,” to bail us out.

The world we live in, is much the same way. There’s a belief system, upheld by the collective consciousness, that dominates our thoughts, controls our actions, and is based solely, on what can be seen to be taking place on the surface of life. It is very superficial, and constitutes the bulk of what the world thinks is real, and possible.

However, there’s an incomprehensible level of complexity in the workings of the universe and beyond, just as there is a world of complexity, within a persons colour television, were they to open it up for an inspection.

It’s my belief, that people are just too busy, trying to raise a family, and earn a living, to bother delving deeper into the core realities, that make up, and govern their lives. This lack of interest, or acknowledgment of hidden forces governing our lives is understandable,… denial is not!

Acknowledgment of a reality, beyond what appears on the surface of life, leaves the door open to future growth and understanding, which in itself, will assist you in accomplishing all that you came here to do. And what is that you may ask? The answer is that you intended to just “be,” and to experience the results of that state of being.

Of course at any given time, you can be, with “awareness,” or not, and the results of that experience, will be radically different. It’s more the case of you being a rudderless ship, as opposed to being able to chart, and maintain a particular course.

In both cases you will end up somewhere, however in the latter case, you will end up where you intended, and will in all probability, experience what you had intended to experience.

In conclusion then, it can be said that there is more going on than meets the eye, and what meets your eye, will never be more than your “intention, and attention,” will allow.