The word law, has become somewhat distorted in its meaning. Currently, it means existing legislation, governing human interaction, on all levels, and in all areas. This fact alone, denies the idea that we have any true freedom. And with each new law passed, the axe is laid once more, to the tree of freedom!

The ultimate definition of law however, is that state of reality, (both seen and unseen), that exists as God created it. Our creator has never brought into being, that which we would classify as “imperfect,” although many things in this world, are under continuous development. One example, of an “unseen,” but fully recognized law, is gravity.

Has man been able to improve on this law? To give man the power to alter God’s reality, would be disastrous, for he would surely destroy himself through his ignorance, in short order. And so, man has the ability to alter, what his consciousness is able to comprehend, and nothing more. This ensures the safety, and continuation of humanity. However, occasionally the advanced understanding of a select few, has led to the development of technology, that is very threatening, in the hands of those of lesser understanding, and therein lies the current dilemma of humanity.

And so, we come to the real, or (universal) definition of law, which is the unalterable, physical, and spiritual reality, within, and all around us, as created by God.

The world’s problems then, arise when humanity creates rules, due to ignorance, which are in opposition to God’s natural laws. Under such conditions, life never works as fully, or equally, for humanity as it should, and that is understandable, because the vast majority of laws, are created by a select few, in order to serve the interests of those same few, who are the law makers. Our world is, at this point in time in the earth’s history, saturated with laws, predominantly designed to serve special interest groups, and not the general public.

While it is true, that we are all here to individually, experience physical reality, and to develop our consciousness, through that experience, it is also true, that we must do so in conjunction with the rest of the world, and so all conscious behaviour, is a continuous interplay, between the self, and other souls. It is a balance, played out between God, ourselves, and the rest of God’s creations.

And so the “primitive consciousness,” is interested in only those things which serve the self, then as knowledge, and experience develop, so too does the personal vibration of the individual, rise out of fear, and the upward movement toward love begins. Laws therefore, reflect the conscious development, of the minds who are the law makers. It is also true, that the volume of Laws, also reflect the inability of humanity, to consciously, and voluntarily, take specific actions, designed to promote, and ensure everyone’s highest good.

Therefore, the more primitive a society, in terms of its thinking and beliefs, the more guidance, in the form of laws, are required to establish and maintain harmony within that society, and the inverse is true as well, with regards to a highly developed consciousness.

And so, in all development of consciousness, there comes that time when the soul finally recognizes, that there is no separation between itself, and other souls, or other souls and God, and in that awareness, comes to the conclusion that God, the self, and other souls, are all, one and the same.

From this point forward, does the soul recognize that there is no one to govern, other than the self, and by the time this realization is made, laws become wholly unnecessary. This is the goal all humanity is working toward, and so, our success can be established and recognized, by the continually decreasing number of laws being enacted, and our failure by its opposite!


Have a Nice Day

In this essay, I’m not advocating any particular way of being, because freedom of thought, speech and action, are the path to experience and knowledge, which ultimately culminate in a closer relationship with the creator. Having said this, I do believe that a particularly fearful personality, would also find it harder to be joyful, than someone who is not so inclined. And amongst our list of things to be fearful about, our own demise most certainly would be at the top of that list.

Now, just as we are drawn toward our greatest source of joy, so to are we repelled by our greatest source of fear. Therefore, as a tool of manipulation, fear holds the greatest potential for moving people in a specific direction.

This is true, not because fear is more powerful than joy or love, that is far from the truth. It’s true, because fear is so prevalent in the minds of the world’s populace, and therefore, a very easy, common, and powerful tool, anyone can use to impose the will of one individual, or group, upon another.

And so, each of us at one time or another, have made it easy, by our close relationship with fear, to allow those who would manipulate us, to do so. If your saying “well that may be the case for irrational fears, but what about justifiable fears, surely you can’t mean those?”

Our response to that would be, that on the surface, that statement sounds logically correct, and of course has some merit. However, once you enter the arena of justifiable fears, the question becomes, who’s doing the justifying, and what if any, are the parameters, upon which that justification is arrived at, and how do your parameters, compare to those of other people?

It can be said, that when it comes to justification, people find every reason under the sun, to justify any action. Isn’t that the way the world has become the way it is today? And so we come to the place where we say, any fear is justifiable to the person who is in fear, which makes for a pretty broad, and inexhaustible range of fears, held within the minds of the world’s people.

The point of all this is, that once you can recognize how prevalent, and powerful a role, fear is playing, day-to-day, in the lives of people, you can then look at how it is being used to manipulate you.

There is an old saying that says, “divide and conquer,” and that is what is being played out in the world, by those who do not have your highest good in mind. All you have to do is look at the way the world has been fractured into countries, race, religions, political ideologies, and you can see the divide, and conquer theme, in full swing.

Now of course most of this, was born out of a state of early and limited mental development on the part of humanity, however, the fact that it has continued for as long as it has, and has become a source of our greatest discontent, is due strictly to those forces, who early on in man’s history, rose to power through fear, and who continued to use that very same technique because of it’s effectiveness.

The technique is simple, it moves to “divide” everything, then classify that which it has divided, as being “different”, then equates that which is different, as being a “threat,” and finally moves to “eradicate” all things which are perceived to be a threat.

What this all accomplishes, is that it keeps the world’s people separated into small, manageable groups, that are easier to control and manipulate, in every manner possible.

The biggest threat to the powers who are manipulating us, would be if humanity were to wake up and realize their common origin, and unified themselves into one cohesive unit of power and peace. The world as it exists today, would be over, and those in power know it, and are doing everything possible to prevent that.

And so by our fears, do we supply the means, and the tools, to those who would use those same tools against us, under the guise of national defence, or ethnic cleansing, or religious supremacy.

On that day when we tire of handing someone a stick, and inviting them to beat us with it, maybe we will develop some backbone!

Until then,…try to have a nice day.